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Arab World Travel & Tourism Exhibition

The Arab World continues to be one of the world’s fastest growing travel and tourism markets and with a 17.5% increase registered year on year, with GCC States alone accounting for tourists spending of over US$13 billion annually, making it the premier regional business hub for inbound, outbound and intra-regional tourism.

The region's tourism sector is expected to keep generating US$95.1 billion worth of economic activity with an expected growth to US$180.7 billion by 2012 according to a WTTC forecast.

"The Middle East region will receive 68.5 million tourists by 2020, an annual growth rate of 7.1% considerably higher than the world average of 4.1%" Tourism 2020 Vision, WTO

"There will be over 35 million outbound tourist arrivals generated from the Arab World by the year 2020" Tourism 2020 Vision, WTO

Generate new business leads, raise your company awareness and capitalize on extensive business, networking and educational opportunities.

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