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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Who is eligible to join The Arab Chamber of Commerce & Industry?

Membership is open to all; private and public sectors, profit or non-profit organizations and individuals, who have a genuine interest in the betterment of business betwen Greater China and the Arab World.

What are my annual dues used for?

The membership fee charged by the Chamber is reasonable. Your dues pay the salaries; fees; expenses of running the office (postage, office supplies, insurance, telephone, internet, etc.); promotional and marketing materials, furniture, accessories, and signage.

I never attend the meetings or events, why should I join the Chamber?

With only 24 hours in a day, it is indeed a challenge to manage both our professional and personal lives. But how we schedule and manage our days is our choice. Opportunities are presented to you as a Chamber member, but it is up to you to take full advantage of them. Networking opportunities are available in every event, meeting or mission. And remember, attending events is not the only way to utilize your membership. Put an announcement about your business on the website or utilize the Chamber mailing list. We want your participation and welcome any ideas you have.

Is the Chamber really any more that a social club?

Visibility leads to credibility, which leads to profitability. Sure, we believe in having a good time. Business is about relationships and people like to do business with people they know and like. And attending events, shaking some new hands, and getting to know people, will help you achieve this. Why should business be all work and no play?

How can I get more involved, volunteer or serve on a committee?

All members are encouraged but not pressured to become involved. We have five standing committees. Contact our secretariat to learn more.

I just started my business and don't believe I can afford it right now. Should I make an exception?

That's the very reason for joining the Chamber now, as a new business you need all the visibility and promotion you can get. It's critical to get the word out. Membership allows you to be plugged into the community and kept informed of the goings-on in the business community. As a new business owner, not joining the Chamber because it is viewed as an "expense" rather than an "investment” may be a mistake. A thriving business cannot be built without investing in some basic essentials.

I own a retail business downtown. My contribution to the business community is the high amount I pay in rent. Doesn't that count?

Unfortunately, the flip side of location can be cost---of which the Chamber has no control. You're fortunate to have a storefront downtown as it clearly a coveted, prime location. However, the brochures, web site, telephone calls, etc. utilized by the Chamber to promote and educate your business community, have a cost as well. The Chamber works to bring business to you; we need your support to enable the Chamber to continue to support you.

What are the Chamber's goals for the next couple of years?

We follow our mission statement. At this time we are developing a volunteer program, the Pathfinders, to assist with various activities and events. Our executive recently completed a six week training program and is working with the Chamber Board to implement the many great ideas learned.

I belong to another Chamber, why should I join the Arab Chamber too?

Excellent question. The Arab Chamber of Commerce and other Chambers share several common goals. We encourage Chamber membership because the Chamber supports Sino-Arab initiatives. Your financial support as a member enables us to better support your activities throughout the region. The Chamber office receives hundreds of telephone calls each month and many of these pertain to Arab World issues. Our website is an excellent resource for Chamber members to display information about their business and also provides advertising opportunities at a very reasonable cost.


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