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Shariah Compliance

Improve your company’s prospects for projects, finance and partnership by getting your Establishment's Shariah Compliance Certificate.

Shariah Compliance does attract Moslem Investment.

Growing international interest in the vast investment wealth of the Moslem world where financial affairs are guided by Shariah law and principles laid down in the Quran could open a significant niche market for Hong Kong’s business sector. Worldwide Islamic Capital is at well over $1 Trillion and Islamic-held assets are estimated to be worth more than $275 billion much of which is managed by Middle East based advisers of US and European banks which comply with Shariah.

Shariah Compliance is certifying that the ways a corporation runs its business and finances are along lines in keeping with those laws laid down in the Quran.

You could attract Moslem investors based throughout the Arab World, wishing to do business in the Greater China Region.

“There’s a growing international interest in business opportunities in the Moslem World”. “And you may be ideally placed to benefit from Shariah compliant products…

There would be no need to change existing legislation to carry out Shariah compliant business; anyone can do so, providing they observe the relevant Muslim law. But the certification can be and often is a long and costly process nonetheless, we believe that a formula can be found that would allow and provide a regulator with evidence of your full understanding and compliance of Shariah law which would enable certification of compliance.

The uncertainties of the economic and political climate in parts of the Middle East have driven many Moslem firms and private investors to seek safer business and financial havens. New York, London, Paris and Zurich carry out a substantial amount of Arab-based business and wealthy Eastern Muslims operate some of their financial interests through Singapore, the bulk of investment funds are still run from centers like Riyadh, Dubai, Doha and Beirut.

Opportunities await you...

We are pleased to offer Islamic financial compliance services and Shariah advice; these services are conducted on a strict confidential basis, subject to the legal provisions of relevant applicable regulations, financial structure, and principles of Islamic Shariah relating to Fiqh al-Muamalat (Islamic Law Relating to Financial Transactions).

We offer, inter-alia, the following services:

  • Shariah Compliance for Financial Transactions
  • Shariah Compliance for Investment Funds (ex equities)

  • Shariah Compliance for Equity Funds (including structure, stock screening, financial ratios, purification, general guidelines)

  • Product Innovation & Development

  • Shariah Reviews & Annual Audits

  • Shariah Co-ordination Services

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